Empower is creating a solution for the plastic waste problem by giving plastic value. We are cleaning up the world while fighting poverty by providing a wage to those in need.
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For each 1 USD Empower cleans up 2.5 kg of plastic waste from beaches, rivers and nature in Africa and Asia

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Plastic waste poses considerable environmental challenge. As a single use product there is currently no universal waste management system in place that deals with the disposal and recycling of plastic. Empower is a Norwegian start-up using blockchain technology that rewards community action. Now in more than 15 countries the app-based platform incentivises the collection of plastic waste, kick-starts waste management systems and encourages transparency in the supply chains of plastic producers.

Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system. You can take part in giving plastic value and kick-start its journey in a transparent and traceable route from waste to a new product. We are cleaning up the world while fighting poverty by providing wages to those in need. Our goal is to promote disruptive solutions which can contribute to shape a fully circular economy. Reduce plastic pollution and poverty with plastic credits!
Blockchain enabled tracking - A story behind every credit - Transparent costs - Fully verified
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More than 60

plastic clean up organizations on board
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15 000 people

participated to make an impact
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250 million kg

of plastics and waste registered and tracked on the Empower platform
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40 countries

fight with us for a world without plastic pollution

Join us in building a movement towards circular economy and plastic waste free environment! Your sponsorship makes real impact where it is needed the most.

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Empower is now in more than 20 countries incentivising the collection of plastic waste, kick-starting waste management systems and building transparency in the supply chains of recyclers and plastic producers. You fund cleanups across the world: from India, Indonesia, Laos and Nepal in Asia to Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa. More than 7 000 people earn their living through these events, directly impacting their livelihood, families, and communities.


Cairo, Egypt

Every year 570,000 tons of plastic ends up in the Mediterranean Sea. On the Nile, independent fishermenn are also striving to make a living from the scarcity of fish in the river.

Ibeju Lekki, Nigeria

Trash users have quickly adapted to use of the digital registration platform and already registered tons of plastics. The collected plastic comes from both beach and land based sources.

Arusha, Tanzania

The pilot clean-up started here in 2019 with the users collecting a significant amount of waste from the region. Since January 2021 they focused on cleaning up around water bodies nearby.

Isobe, Cameroon

Empower and ICENECDEV’s
partnership has mobilised more than 200 community members actively involved in the Plastic Collection campaign along the West Coast of Cameroon.

Phonsavath, Laos

Together with Phamai, we have collected 51 029 plastic bottles filled with 10 tons of plastic waste in the deep jungle of Laos! Anyone can deliver ecobricks in exchange for a financial reward. 

Mumbai, India

Our first international beach cleanup with Bija Organization and Sunflower Welfare Foundation. The great efforts of 35 volunteers resulted in a total of 2500 kg waste collected.


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