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What kind of plastic do you collect?

The types of plastic collected vary but are usually PET bottles, water sachets, plastic bags, etc.

Where is the plastic collected?

The plastic clean up pilot project was a beach in Hoddevik, Norway. The second clean up was held in Mumbai, India and the third in Bali, Indonesia. We are continuously planning and organizing  additional clean up projects in Norway and other countries in Africa and Asia. Currently we have active partners in Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, India, Lebanon among others. The plastic is collected from beaches, rivers, lakes, jungles, cities etc.

What happens with plastic? Where does it end up?

As an example, in the first pilot the plastic was taken care of by Nordic Ocean Watch, an NGO passionate about solving problems of the ocean plastic. In India it was done in cooperation with a local NGO and local authorities. We are building a network of trusted partners that receive the plastic waste and ensure proper recycling of it, while we work on establishing certification and quality assurance processes. This is the key to making the ecosystem work.

Who collects the plastic?

The plastic is collected by our trusted partner organizations and their employees and/or volunteers. The collection provides wages for those in need. Sometimes the organizations set up events to clean up the local nature, where any volunteer can join.

How much plastic do you clean up for 1 USD?

1 USD cleans up 2,5 kg of plastic from nature.

What does 1 kg of plastic normally contain?

To make it more concrete, we estimate that 1 kg of plastic consists of 80 PET bottles. This means that 1 USD of your donation cleans up around 200 PET bottles from nature.

How is my donation spent and distributed? Who gets what?

100% of donations goes directly to the plastic waste collecting organizations and is paid out to the ones cleaning up the plastic. Set up fees and monthly subscription fees go to Empower to run the daily operations and to develop the technology behind the blockchain tracking of the material and transaction flows.

How do you prove that my money actually goes towards cleaning up plastic?

By using blockchain technology we are able to track and link every deposit of plastic and transaction back to the collecting organization.

What is Plastic Positive and what is Empower AS?

The company behind Plastic Positive brand and products is called Empower AS. The headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

Is my donation or subscription to Plastic Positive eligible for tax deductions?

Empower is a private limited company, and therefore the donation or subscription for clean ups of plastic waste is not tax deductible.

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